Member Spotlight – Sonja Barsky

Sonja Barsky, ALCA Member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter. Image for Member Spotlight BlogSonja Barsky is a Board Certified Patient Advocate and NP and is the founder of Patient Advocacy for Total Healthcare (PATH). She is a solo practitioner serving individuals in DC, Maryland, and Virginia and covers all counties. Sonja joined the Aging Life Care Association® in March 2023. Let’s get to know more about Sonja!

What led you to the field of Aging Life Care and why did you join ALCA?

I have worked as a NP in internal medicine and oncology for over 20 years. Witnessing patients and families in crisis and overwhelmed with new diagnoses and complex medical issues, motivated me to partner with them as an advocate. I can improve their ability to make informed decisions and decrease the energy and time they expend navigating the healthcare system. I joined ALCA because I met Holly Reign through CareTree and she encouraged me to join as a way of building my network and finding resources for my clients.

Do you have an area of expertise or interest?

Oncology and complex medical cases. I also work with many people who have been unable to get a diagnosis and don’t feel the providers are listening to them anymore.

Do you speak languages other than English?


Anything else you would like to share about yourself?

I am excited to be working as an advocate, it has been my dream for over 10 years. My oldest left for college last year and it inspired me to launch my business at the same time.

To learn more about Sonja’s practice, you can visit or connect with her at


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