List Serv

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Aging Life Care Association has an email listserv to encourage and simplify collaboration between members of the Chapter.  This is a separate list from the one used to send out Chapter updates and is a separate list from the national ALCA listserv.

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter listserv enables you to:

  • Post a message to everyone on the list
  • Read messages posted to the list
  • Respond to the author of a message or to the entire list

How to Be Added to the Listserv

All members are automatically added to the Chapter Listserv.

How to Read and Respond to Listserv Messages

To Read and Respond to Listserve Messages:

  1. Click on the email in your inbox. The contents of the email are displayed.
  2. Type a response to the email.
  3. Select reply (to respond only to the poster) or reply to all (to respond to the whole group). The response is posted.

How to Send a Message to the Group

To send an email to the Mid-Atlantic Chapter Google Group List

Note: Daily digest versions are available upon request.

Listserve Etiquette

Please observe the following  policies:

The Listserv is a member benefit that provides an electronic communication tool and forum to facilitate meaningful discussions about issues of interest to Mid-Atlantic ALCA members.

1. Availability of Listserv

The Listserv is a member benefit available at no additional charge to any member of Mid-Atlantic ALCA who subscribes. This subscription list will not be sold or shared in any way outside of the Mid-Atlantic ALCA membership. The Listserv itself will only be accessible to Mid-Atlantic ALCA members in good standing.

2. Purpose of Listserv

  1. Provide a place to post educational opportunities including national and chapter conferences, local opportunities for training, peer counseling, certification updates and testing and ethics.
  2. Networking with other Mid-Atlantic ALCA members throughout the region to share information, to help with a client move or to make a client referral.
  3. Problem-solving with other Mid-Atlantic members i.e., finding the right assistive device for a client, medication issues and client issues.
  4. Resource gathering to assist with business and/or client issues.
  5. Discussing complex clinical issues with other ALCA professionals.
  6. A forum for the Board and Committees to explain and discuss public policy issues and position papers developed by National ALCA and Mid-Atlantic ALCA.
  7. Provide members with an opportunity to share their expertise with one another, to educate each other, and add to professional knowledge.
  8. Share how the members’ types of practice i.e., sole practice, partnerships, S Corp., non-profit, care managed home care, public, etc. vary.
  9. Give all members, but particularly new members and those in solo practice the opportunity to learn business practices, marketing tactics, insurance requirements, and best practice models for a care management practice.
  10. Give the Mid-Atlantic ALCA Board an additional communication tool to reach members electronically about issues of importance to the membership and to listen to member questions and concerns.

3. Listserv is not a forum for:

  1. Selling anything. If it’s a free resource, it can be shared with other ALCA professionals. Otherwise, this forum is not to be used for marketing a product by the seller in any way including products or services that the Listserv member is selling, beyond their expertise as a care manager. A bulletin board or some other electronic format will be explored to provide an opportunity for members to market these products.
  2. Having extensive political debate. As a group of professionals, a range of political opinions can be expected and should be respected on the listserv.
  3. Personal messages. Personal mail should be sent directly to the intended person and not sent to the Listserv at large.
  4. Listings that constitute questionable professional conduct such as personal attacks, disparaging comments, negative judgment, criticism, etc.
  5. Discussions of religion that focus on the Listserv member’s own belief, rather than on discussion of religious practices regarding client issues or spiritual beliefs.
  6. Criticism of other Mid-Atlantic ALCA members. If a Listserv member has a complaint or an issue regarding another Mid-Atlantic ALCA member, the member should call or send an email privately to the Chapter president
  7. Discussing rates or fees charged. Methods to price ALCA services such as bundling services, specialized services, sliding scale may all be discussed as long as specific rates are not disclosed. This is required to avoid the appearance of price fixing.

4. Non-Compliance

  1. Any member utilizing the listserv and failing to observe these policies will be contacted privately by a member of the Mid-Atlantic ALCA Board assigned by the Secretary of the Board. This contact will be via mail and will be noted by date/time and issue.
  2. The second instance of non-compliance with this policy will result in the member being removed from the listserv for 30 days with documentation made by Listserv Board liaison.
  3. The third instance within 1 year will result in the member’s name and issues being forwarded by the Listserv Board liaison to the Ethics Committee for review and recommendation.
  4. This policy will be sent to each member of the Listserv and to all new members as they join.