When Professional Life and Personal Life Meld

September 22, 2023 — My Dual Role: The Professional and The Daughter A good portion of my time is spent reassuring older adults and their family members that I understand what they are going through. I am a Clinical Social Worker with a 30-year career in working with older adults and their family members. The primary focus of my... Read More

Denise Valerio Presents Care Management to Temple University Bioethics Class

July 1, 2017 — On June 21, 2017, Denise Valerio gave a presentation to a Bioethics Class in the Temple University School of Medicine on Care Management as yet another option in our healthcare system.  The class was offered for the first time this year under the MA Urban Bioethics Program within the Lewis Katz School of Medicine. The professor, Providenza (Enza) Rocco, JD, MSW, MBE specializes in bioethics.  The class was made up of medical students, social workers, nurses, an activity therapist, and various other healthcare professionals.  They were a very engaging and attentive group of folks who were VERY interested in understanding more about care management - who we are, what we do, and how to access us.  Denise truly enjoyed speaking to them and the presentation was a little over an hour in length.  Denise sends a "thank you" to our colleague and fellow member, Sharon Dickol, for passing her name along to this professor.  She reports this event really stimulated a part of her brain that was a little dormant and dusty, and she got a good high from it and is motivated even more to continue to do this work!!

Erin Kershaw, CCM – Guest Speaker at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

June 21, 2017 — Erin Kershaw, CCM in Chadds Ford, PA, was the guest speaker at an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute class held at the University of Delaware. There were ~35/40 retired people in attendance. The presentation was entitled 'Proactive Planning.' It covered the role of the Aging Life Care Manager, a summary of the importance of staying active and involved, available support services, important legal documents and assistive technology options.

How to Know Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

August 12, 2016 —         The Alzheimer’s Association Provides Some Common Signs Every individual may experience one or more of these signs in different degrees. If you notice any of them, it is recommended you see a doctor. 1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life One of the most common signs of Alzheimer’s is memory loss,... Read More

Financial Abuse and Exploitation

August 12, 2016 — By Wendy Liebling, MSW, LSW, C-ASWCM Financial abuse and exploitation of older adults have reached epidemic proportions, with losses in the U.S. reaching up to $36 billion per year. Pennsylvania, with the third highest population of older adults in the US, is poised to suffer disproportionately from these scams and identity theft. They bring emotional... Read More

Aging Life Care Professionals: Partnering with the Care Provider

November 14, 2015 — Aging Life Care Professionals (ALCP) are routinely thrust into the role of caregiver to client families as well as the clients themselves. In addition to providing care management to the client, the ALCP often supports the care providers and client families as we monitor, evaluate, assess and direct through the duration of the caregiving cycle. Active self-assessment to recognize and empower the care provider is critical to their success, but more importantly, the care provider’s ability to maintain the role of caregiver over time. Care partners take on a variety of roles as stewards of physical, social and emotional care, financial, legal and medical management. There is a wide range of resources available to ALCP’s as advisors to our client communities that are specifically designed to support care partners.

Increase your business visibility in ALCA by writing for the Mid-Atlantic Blog

November 13, 2015 — Calling all Mid-Atlantic ALCA members! Are you looking for a simple, no cost way to increase the visibility of your care management practice, that doesn't take much time or effort? Consider writing for the Mid-Atlantic Blog which is published quarterly in a newsletter and  viewed by more than half of the Mid-Atlantic membership. Besides being viewed by potential customers on the Mid-Atlantic web site, it can be re-used on your own site, and connected to on all social media (Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and even republished on other venues.)