Corporate Member Spotlight – Nigel Mould of StackCare

Please welcome Nigel Mould, CEO of StackCare, a national company headquartered in Northern Virginia since 2020. StackCare provides passive monitoring (no wearables, no cameras) of seniors. StackCare constantly analyzes motion and behaviors against an individual’s typical patterns, and sends notifications to caregivers when an anomaly or atypical event is detected.

Having experienced long distance caregiving for family members from a long distance was the impetus for developing the product.  StackCare now has ~5 centuries of man-data and can analyze motion patterns without wearables. The product helps detect declining wellness situations, and enables intervention before emergencies develop. Nigel is especially passionate about making technology simple.

In his free time, Nigel enjoys time with family, cooking, electric vehicles, and dolphin research. He can be contacted via email at

Welcome to ALCA, Nigel!


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