Increase your business visibility in ALCA by writing for the Mid-Atlantic Blog


Author: Bobbi Kolonay RN MS CCM
President of Holistic Aging Of Pittsburgh PA

No cost way of advertising your Care Management Business

bloggingCalling all Mid-Atlantic ALCA members! Are you looking for a simple, no cost way to increase the visibility of your care management practice, that doesn’t take much time or effort? Consider writing for the Mid-Atlantic Blog which is published quarterly in a newsletter and  viewed by more than half of the Mid-Atlantic membership. Besides being viewed by potential customers on the Mid-Atlantic web site, it can be re-used on your own site, and connected to on all social media (Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and even republished on other venues.)

What you may not realize is the when you write an article, connect it to your web site or own blog, use key words and SEO the content, this is driving traffic to not only Mid-Atlantic web site but to your private website and/or blog.  In a nutshell, SEO is a method of optimizing (enhancing the effectiveness of) your content for the search engines in order to help it rank higher than content from other sites that target the same search terms.

In my opinion, it is the cheapest marketing tool available to Mid-Atlantic members. This article explains this concept in more detail.

Please contact JoAnn Ellenberger at to take advantage of this opportunity.

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