Snap for Seniors: Caregiver Stress Test

Caregiver Stress Test by Snap for Seniors

Caregivers are usually so involved in caring for the needs of their loved ones that they can easily lose sight of their own needs. To get a better idea of the level of stress you are dealing with as a primary caregiver, please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. Taking this test periodically as you are caring for your loved one will also help you to recognize changing stress levels which can be addressed before feeling too overwhelmed.  Here is a link to the PDF version of the Caregiver Stress Test by Snap for Seniors


Physical Health Never Rarely Sometimes Frequently
Have you noticed that your own health is suffering or that
you are getting ill more frequently?
Have you noticed a disturbance in your sleep patterns because of the care you provide for your loved one?
Do you feel physically exhausted by the amount of care your loved one needs?
Have you had difficulty keeping your mind focused on what you are doing?
Social Relationships
Do your family members or friends say you seem stressed out?
Is your caregiving taking a toll on your job?
Is your caregiving taking a toll on your family life?
Do you feel that your social life has suffered because you are caring for a loved one?
Do you feel you need more support from family members with your caregiving?
Do you feel that your caregiving efforts are not appreciated enough by your loved one or family members?
Personal Demands
Do you feel that the amount of care your loved one requires is too overwhelming?
Do you feel that you are “missing out on life” or that “life is passing your by”?
Do you feel that your loved one is completely dependent on you?
Do you worry that you should be doing a better job in caring for your loved one?
Do you think about leaving the care of your loved one to someone else?
Emotional Well Being
Have you felt that you don’t have enough time for yourself because of the time you spend with your loved one
Do you feel emotionally drained by the care you provide?
Do you ever feel embarrassed by the behavior of your loved one?
Do you resent or feel angry having to care for this loved one?

Point values: Never(0), Rarely(1),Sometimes(2)


0-15= minimal stress. Stress levels are easily managed. Keep evaluating your stress level periodically to see if your stress level increases.
16-30=mild stress. Your stress level is tolerable, but you should also consider asking for some help or taking more time for yourself. Setting some time aside for yourself each week or joining a caregiver support group can help a great deal in reducing your stress level.
31-45= Moderate stress. Taking some time off should be considered to help reduce stress.  Asking family members for support or looking into respite care or adult day care might be a good option.  You can also contact your local Area Agency on Aging to find other caregiving services in your area.
46-60= Severe stress. You should seriously consider working with a home care agency to support your caregiving at home or think about moving your loved one into a senior housing facility. Please visit us online at to start your search for home care or senior housing options in your area.