“Quick Tips” on the assimilation of Aging Life Care Association™ (ALCA) into your practice

ALCA transition photo

Anyone who was at the conference in Denver can tell you it was a time of excitement and anticipation of the roll out of our new brand. Now reality hits:  you are back at the office, seeing clients, working 12 hour days, and wondering how do I have time in by busy day to incorporate the new brand into my practice?

Let’s look at a few QUICK TIPS:

(*BTK  =  referencing the handout of the Branding Tool Kit all members received in April of 2015 throughout this article which provides detailed information on this subject).

  1. Develop new advertising material with the brand new logo: be this your web site, brochures, business cards, etc. This on-line marketplace offers gigs for $5.00 and up; it may be someone in Sri Lanka completing your project, but I have used them for many simple projects and there is a quick, “better than I can do” response (feel free to e-mail me and I can provide the person(s) I have worked with). You may also want to consider using one of our corporate partners who know our brand well. Note: An individual Member must be clearly connected to the Member logo – not a company. See pages 3-8 of the BTK for details of usage.
  2. Language that you may consider incorporating into your advertising material as you transitioning you’re marketing materials to the new Aging Life Care™ brand. Page 10-12 of the BTK offers specific advice in this area. For instance, some of your chosen wording may include: when selecting an ALCA member, consumers can be assured of the quality standards required by the association, including the Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics. Consumers choosing a certified member have the additional confidence that members have been supervised, qualified for and successfully passed an exam, and possess core knowledge about Aging Life Care.

When discussing with referral sources why our name changed consider using the below information:

To better reflect the broad spectrum of services and expertise we provide

  • To distinguish our practices from others performing similar or some of the same functions
  • To distinguish our members through their education, experience, and certification
  • To highlight the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice which our members follow
  1. What should I call my Geriatric Care Managers (or myself)?

Your name needs to reflect the service your company provides and you are under no obligation to use the brand recommended ones. I have chosen to go with “Life Care Manager” as our new title to depict the service we provide, since “Aging” is already in the company name (Holistic Aging-Options For Elder Care).  This has been well received by our clients and referral sources, with one client saying, “Now there is a name that tells people what you do for me.” By making this choice, I am choosing a title that is not trademarked. Trademarked Titles can ONLY be used by members of ALCA. Listed below are the titles that will reinforce the brand:

  • Aging Life Care™ Manager
  • Aging Life Care™ Coordinator
  • Aging Life Care™ RN
  • Aging Life Care™ Associate
  • Aging Life Care™ Advisor
  • Aging Life Care™ Consultant
  1. Update your profile on the new Aging Life Care Association web site:
  • Verify the information in your profile is current and correct
  • Update your account; place details in your profile such as “A little About Me”, “Summary of my Education” and “My Past Experience”
  • Upload a head shot; this image will display on your public listing.
  • Enter your company social profile connections such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In
  • Browse your member resources section for easy accessible member information

Here is how my updated profile appears on searches:

ALCA image

facebook image linkin image twitter image   be sure to update these links as they are actively connected to  Linked-In, Business Facebook, and Business Twitter account for added consumers access to your care management business.

Barbara Bobbi Kolonay, BSN, MHRM, RN, CCM

Options for Elder Care – Holistic Aging

Those who haven’t updated their profile look like this:

ALCA camera image




Hope these quick tips help you on your way to incorporating ALCA into your personal brand!