President’s Message August 2016

Susy Murphy Debra Levy Eldercare AssociatesAs Ella Fitzgerald famously sang Cole Porter’s words, “It’s too darn hot!!” Despite the heat, our local membership throughout the chapter report being very busy this summer, which is great news! The Aging Life Care™ Association has been leading an aggressive digital campaign to raise awareness of our profession and spreading the news, from the national level down to the local level, and then back up again, is bringing attention to the importance of the hard work that we do as Aging Life Care Managers. Please continue to share your outreach efforts in your communities with your unit so that we can highlight our ongoing success at increasing our visibility.

Our chapter board will be meeting in September and preparing a smaller slate for the chapter to vote on later this fall, as much of the administrative work is now done by ALCA staff. At our chapter meeting in NY, members of the board talked about the many benefits they have experienced as board members. We are still looking for members interested in serving on the chapter board for 2017. If you are interested, please let a current member of the board, or Liz Dunleavy, chair of the Nominating Committee, know.

I am very pleased to announce that Ellen Platt and Denise Valerio have agreed to co-chair our next conference, to be held in Baltimore, in the fall of 2017. A number of members have also joined the conference committee, but we would be happy to have more help as the planning moves into high gear. As a result of our survey of chapter members, the conference will be a half day Sunday and full day Monday, and the location favored by most members is Baltimore. Watch this space for more updates!

I hope that everyone is able to enjoy some time off this summer to rest, relax, reflect and enjoy the summer breezes!

Your 2016 President, Susy Murphy