Outstanding MidAtlantic Chapter Member of 2015

4x6-300 dpi.jpg WallKathleen has served as the MidAtlantic Chapter Board secretary for several years, as well as worked on the newsletter committee. She has been extremely active in our unit peer review group for multiple years now, including taking on the task many times to find guest speakers, write monthly meeting summaries and she has filled in as note-taker and moderator during absences. Mrs. Wall’s attitude has always been one of “if I can help, yes I will do it!” Kathleen has been a GCM since 1996, and since joining our peer review unit, she has been the catalyst for starting an “Age Wave Initiative of Lebanon County to plan for demographic changes due to the Baby Boomers aging.”

Kathleen is a beautiful representative of some of the best qualities found in a Care Manager. She has a very professional presence and demeanor and is a very good listener. This is evident during board meetings when complex issues are discussed and she is able to capture and record the dialogue accurately, which is not an easy task. On several occasions (also through virtual chapter calls) I have heard her give feedback or suggestions to a colleague, always in a professional and astute manner, no drama, just good old clinical insight. Kathleen has offered her leadership as a GCM to others in addition to her contributions to the chapter. In addition to serving as Chapter secretary for 3 years, she is a very active member of the virtual unit.