Member Spotlight – LyfLynks, Inc.

Please welcome Don Vetal, and Dave Vetal of LyfLynks, Inc. Lyflynks is a nationwide company.

LyfLynks’ LYN platform is a groundbreaking platform specifically designed to facilitate the connection between family caregivers, providers of care services and technologies and those industries impacted by the aging tsunami.  LYN combines a mobile app, Member Care call center, and a curated provider network to address the challenges associated with aging in place.  ALCA members are able to enroll as providers on LyfLynks LYN platform and receive no-cost referrals from LyfLynks and its members.  Additionally, ALCA members are able to offer LyfLynks memberships to their clients at a discounted rate and to enroll onto their clients account enabling them to communicate and facilitate support to the family caregiver.

Services available on LYN include transportation, medical appointment scheduling, home companion and housekeeping services, lawn care, and home maintenance.  Through LyfLynks’ Ask LYN feature, members are able to request virtually anything, anywhere and anytime, and LyfLynks MemberCare advocates will find a solution. See the LYN Video for additional info.

As family caregivers themselves, Don and Dave understand the time demands, and are committed to simplifying caregiving support for both caregivers and elders. Don, the CEO, is a veteran of the assistance industry providing travel, medical and concierge services to a number of industries including insurance, academic and credit card issuers.  As CEO of AXA Assistance in the US, Canada and Latin America, his company was best known for its role as exclusive provider of American Express’s Global Assist and Platinum Concierge services.  It is this experience along with his role as a family caregiver for his mother and father that became the catalyst for the creation of LyfLynks.

LyfLynks mission is to redefine the family caregiving experience through the when, how and from where families engage in supporting their loved ones’ independence, health and well-being.  They believe that by providing family caregivers with a tool that simplifies their lives and improves their access to valuable support elements, they can dramatically increase their impact on the challenges of an aging society.

In his spare time, Dave is an artist, and has presented and received awards for a number of his works. He and his spouse live in Maryland and enjoy spending time with good friends and family. Don is a fledgling golfer, and more recently a pickleball novice, residing with his wife in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

The Vetal’s can be reached via email or phone:

Dave Vetal  – Email

Don Vetal    – Email

LyfLynks phone#  301-799-3950




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