Corporate Partner Spotlight – Seni USA

laurie gredleinPlease welcome Seni USA and Laurie Gredlein to ALCA. Seni USA manufactures Premium Adult incontinence products. They are operational in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and some New England states. Laurie tells us their products are fully breathable and allow people to sleep through the night, which helps the patients, their loved ones and caregivers.

Says Laurie, ” I’ve been in the Senior Living environment for many years.  I’m passionate about seniors getting the best care that’s available, no matter what it is.  What separates me from others is not only do we have premium products to sell, but they literally can change people’s worlds!  We’re unique as well because we offer lots of education, trainings, webinars, and all kinds of marketing support to our customers.”

She is passionate about  seniors living their best lives possible.  That could be lots of socialization, feeling confident and happy to be living in an environment that helps them thrive.

In her free time, Laurie enjoys walking, the beach, reading, watching tv/movies, travel, ice skating, and water sports.

She can be contacted via phone at 973.902.1489, or email at

Welcome to ALCA, Seni USA and Laurie!

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