Member Spotlight – Jodi Pasternak, RN, MSN

Please welcome Jodi Pasternak, RN, MSN of Compassionate Care for Seniors in Rockville, Maryland. Jodi practices in Montgomery County, Maryland.

With a special love of hospice and palliative care work, Jodi enjoys being a strong advocate for, and is passionate about end of life care. In being a member of ALCA, she hopes to gain a wealth of medical, nursing and social work information to allow her to be as comprehensive as possible in assessing client’s needs.  She enjoys working tirelessly outside the box and will do anything possible to improve a client’s life.

In her spare time, Jodi enjoys tennis, pilates, fostering dogs, and spending time with her adult children and her husband.

Jodi is available at or 301-742-1468.

Welcome to ALCA, Jodi!

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