Member Spotlight – Anandi Bhatnagar

Please welcome Anandi Bhatnagar, Geriatric Care Manager with Montcordia, in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Anandi currently practices in Howard and Montgomery Counties. Montcordia provides homecare and care management services.

Anandi has worked in aging life care for the last 5 years. She got involved in the field when her grandparents needed her assistance to navigate healthcare and ADLs/IADLs. She particularly enjoys the area of Assistive Technology for Older Adults. Says Anandi, “There is so much out there to help older adults with safety, memory concerns, social engagement, etc.”

With her ALCA membership, Anandi hopes to gain more experience and insight, and have learning opportunities with other members who may have clients with similar concerns.

Besides English, Anandi also speaks Hindi. She enjoys cooking, traveling (pre-Covid), and spending time with family.

Anandi can be reached at

Welcome to ALCA, Anandi!


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