Corporate Partner Spotlight – TMZO USA (Seni Brand)

Please welcome TZMO USA, Inc (Seni Brand) as a new corporate partner with ALCA. Seni products are available nationwide.

Jennifer Margrey is the TZMO representative to ALCA. She tells us “the full breathability and super absorbency features of Seni products help incontinent clients of care managers live life with more dignity and confidence with less worry. Our Seni team is responsive, caring, and committed to helping improve lives of those challenged with incontinence.”

She goes on to say “Seni has a full line of premium adult disposable briefs and underwear that help their clients living with incontinence reduce their risk of falls, UTIs, and skin breakdown while increasing their client’s confidence and dignity.”

When asked why she went into this business, Jennifer says “I have seen the effects of poor incontinence management and the stress that incontinence plays with caregiving. Our fully breathable underwear and briefs are Sleep Through the Night Absorbent. Seni has ‘out of the box thinking’ when it comes to education and partnerships.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys travelling.

She can be contacted via email at, or via cell phone at 804-380-7856. Their website is

Welcome to ALCA, TZMO and Jennifer.

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