Corporate Member Spotlight – Stack Labs

Please welcome Nathalie de Vazeille of Stack Labs, a new corporate partner with ALCA. Stack Labs provides their StackCare product and services in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Nathalie de Vazeille, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Stack Labs believes their product is a tool that can help ALCA members provide the best care to our clients. StackCare is an innovative remote monitoring system that allows older adults to maintain their independence, and gives families and caregivers peace of mind that their elderly loved ones are ok. The system is completely passive and hence allows for maximum awareness with minimal interference into the older adult’s life.

Nathalie also tells us, “Having personally experienced the need for a tool which would have helped my elderly loved ones to stay healthy and safe for longer, I feel very passionate about StackCare because it does exactly that. StackCare alleviates the growing caregiver crisis by offering an innovative, discreet and cost efficient remote monitoring system to help support the continuing care of older adults.”

She goes on to say, “StackCare uses advanced technology to offer actionable insights to caregivers and families. The system and the app are extremely user-friendly and affordable. The cost of StackCare is minimal compared to the benefits achieved with such a system.”

Nathalie is passionate about making a difference every day in the lives of adult children who are trying to juggle their work, their own families and the care of their parents. She feels passionate about helping seniors keep their wellbeing and independence and enjoy their final years.

In her free time, Nathalie enjoys gardening, cooking and baking.

She can be reached by phone at 941-400-0794, or by email at



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