Corporate Partner Spotlight – Hero Health

Please welcome Hero Health to ALCA. Hero Health is a new corporate partner ( They have operations in all 50 states in the U.S.

Hero Health provides end-to-end medication management for those with chronic conditions and/or complex medication schedules. Their platform consists of a wifi-enabled medication dispenser, a smartphone app for caregivers and loved ones who wish to receive alerts (e.g., missed doses, running low), and other services like mail-order Rx delivery.

Hero Health has worked with numerous ALCA members who have recommended Hero for their clients. Some also use Hero to monitor clients’ medication habits via the Hero platform.

The founder of Hero Health started Hero because he saw that his own mother struggled with managing her medications following a heart attack. She was re-admitted to the hospital twice as a result, and both instances were avoidable. Many employees at Hero are caregivers for a loved one and are very passionate about their mission and the problem they are solving.

Says Schuyler Yost, “We are differentiated from our competitors in terms of the sophistication and intuitiveness of our technology, the proven ability to improve adherence, our tools for caregivers, and the level of service we provide. In 3 years, we’ve become the leader of the automated medication dispenser space in the U.S.”  We are passionate about “empowering those who are aging in the home to do so safely and comfortably.”

In his free time, Schuyler enjoys time with his dog, Reggie, as well as distance running.

He can be contacted via email at

Welcome to ALCA , Hero Health and Schuyler!

Hero Health

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