Corporate Partner Spotlight – Seniors Home Services

Elizabeth HealyPlease welcome Seniors Home Services, a nation-wide company whose corporate office is in Annapolis, MD.

Elizabeth K Healy and Jim Bland of Seniors Home Services say they are a one stop solution for Seniors and their networks. They do this through two technologies:

1- CHL artificial intelligent sensor system- this system learns the behaviors of seniors and when something is out of the norm, it sends an alert to the remote care team to start the call tree.

It also has other features such as heat and water sensor, alert neck button, and daily calls from the remote care team that helps with loneliness.  The remote care team will call daily to get blood pressure, weight, reminder of medication. They also do a Thursday check list for the weekend and help to make arrangements for food, meds, and transportation.

2- The Zing performance – The free assessment is about 30 minutes that we allow ALCA and their clients to see where they Mobility, Balance, Cognition & Memory. From there a coach is assigned to personalize a monthly plan that increases the area of the brain that improves these areas.  They can see improvement within 30 days. It also shows very conservative goals that most all exceed within 1-3 months.  See This is a micro sample but we will be sending the full version in a week or two.

Others are home modifications anywhere in the USA, air purification systems that use ActivePure molecules to destroy the airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus, the one that causes Covid-19, in 3 minutes. We also have wearable ones too for those who come and go a lot.

Elizabeth spent 17 years moving up the ladder in the call center/answering service industry. Says Elizabeth, “I was proud and worked hard but something was missing. I sat down and looked at my life and where were the most rewarding parts. The best years were taking care of my mother-in-law and my friend Joe.  I got to learn their lives, who they really were as people.  They were so hungry for someone to just sit and be a friend.  The big challenge was it is exhausting. In the early morning go there, set up their day, food, and meds. Go to work. Go back at night and set up their evening and then sit and chat, go home and crash to do it all over.”

Elizabeth is passionate about preventing falls and detecting them. Both her mother-in-law Judy and her friend Joe fell, hit their heads, and passed away. They got up in the middle of the night and no one was around and tripped.  “My mother-in-law hit her head on a table when she tried to move a chair and tripped over the carpet.  Joe hit is head from slipping in the tub. (He had lung cancer, but the fall could have been prevented giving him a longer time with us),” says Elizabeth.

Loneliness is another passion of Elizabeth’s. “Their families are busy living their own lives, raising their kids, and their friends are passing away. It is hard to watch, and even harder to live through.”

In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys learning, reading, camping, trying new foods. She can be contacted via phone at (o) 410-513-9757 or (c) 443-994-4763.

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